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The Village of Hartford Illinois, 140 West Hawthorne, Hartford Illinois 62048.  (618) 251-2680 
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Now Taking Reservations for Park Pavillion and Gym

Splash Park Opens: May 27th -  Closes: Aug. 27th
Hours: Noon - 6 pm
Party hours: 10am-Noon and 6 pm - 8 pm
The Hartford Police Dept. is a 24 hour - seven day a week operation manned with 4 full time officers and a full time clerk. The Department participates in the DARE program with the Hartford Elementary School. In addition, the police department sponsors such activities as a "school's out" party and a Christmas party. The village enjoys a low crime rate thanks to the efforts of this full coverage department.
For non-emergencies call 618.254.4393.

Village of Hartford is the “community of choice” for many residents and businesses. People are drawn to the Village because of our unique blend of urban and residential areas. The Village is a place where citizens freely enjoy picnics in the parks, stroll on trails and well maintained streets, and live in serene neighborhoods with peace of mind.

The Police Department is one of the departments in the Village helping to ensure safety in our community. The department prides itself on ensuring a safe community through caring, commitment and community partnerships. Our department is not your traditional police department. Officers proactively interact with the community to resolve issues and develop long term relationships with citizens in neighborhoods, schools, and businesses. Village officers look for opportunities to increase awareness by informing citizens when there appears to be a condition that could potentially be an opportunity for a crime.

Police officers have been seen throughout the Village visiting residents to inform them of an open garage door, or contacting individuals in parking lots that have left valuable items unattended in their vehicles. Village officers are always available to spend time with residents at neighborhood functions, such as Homeowner Association meetings, or at their homes. Officers frequently collaborate with businesses and work with youth in and outside the schools. Our department places a high priority on the safety of its citizens, preventing crime before it happens and making a difference in improving the quality of life in the Village.

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When calling 911 in an emergency:
Stay Calm

Speak loudly and clearly

Give your full name, address and phone number

Explain where you are and where the problem is

Follow all of the operator's instructions carefully

Don't hang up until the operator tells you to!

When calling 911 from a cell phone:
If you are driving a vehicle, PULL OVER AND STOP!

Some cellular calls are answered by the Celluar Company or County and State and then transferred to the appropriate dispatch center. This may result in a slight delay in connecting to the proper operator

State clearly where you are: location, address, city or landmarks

State who you are: your full name and the cell phone number you are calling from

State the details of the emergency, including a description of the vehicle you are in and the people involved in the emergency

Hartford, is proudly located at the beginning of our nation's newest National Scenic Byway!