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The Village of Hartford Illinois, 140 West Hawthorne, Hartford Illinois 62048.  (618) 251-2680 
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Now Taking Reservations for Park Pavillion and Gym

Village Hall now accepting applications for part-time help for Park Maint. and Street Department
1-Title page
3-Chapter Titles
4-Table of Contents
5-List of Ordinances
6-Administration-Chapter 1
7-Closed Sessions Chart
8-Animals-Chapter 3
9-Boards and Commissions-Chapter 4
10-Building Code-Chapter 5
11-Application for Plan Examination and Building Permit-Long Version
12-Business Code-Chapter 7
13-Business Phones
14-Fireworks Forms
15-Cable Television-Chapter 8
16-Employee Regulations-Chapter 11
17-Exhibit A-Employee Personnel Code
18-Fire Regulations-Chapter 13
19-Flood Plain Code-Chapter 14
20-Franchises-Chapter 15
21-Franchises-Chapter 15 Exhibit A
22-Garbage-Chapter 16
23-Garbage Forms
24-Liquor-Chapter 21
25-Liquor License
26-Mandated Policies-Chapter 22
27-Manufactured Housing Code-Chapter 23
29-Motor Vehicle Schedules
28-Motor Vehicle Code-Chapter 24
30-Nuisances-Chapter 25
31-Nuisance Forms
32-Offenses-Chapter 27
33-Parks-Chapter 28
34-Park Forms
35-Property Maintenance Code-Chapter 29
36-Public Safety-Chapter 30
37-Chapter 30 Appendix A
38-Stormwater Control Code-Chapter 32
39-Street Regulations-Chapter 33
40-Subdivision Code-Chapter 34
41-Table 5-A
42-Table 5-B
43-Subdivision Code Checklist
44-Taxation-Chapter 36
45-Tax Increment Fiancing-Chapter 37
46-Tax Increment Financing Forms
47-Utilities-Chapter 38
48-Utilities Form
49-Zoning Code-Chapter 40
Hartford, is proudly located at the beginning of our nation's newest National Scenic Byway!